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Shawngela Pierce, MS, is an author, holistic lifestyle coach & meditation instructor who specializes in mindfulness meditation and qigong. She is an avid meditator & has been teaching for over 15-years. She designed a Meditation for Health Program to help clients learn how to relieve stress & anxiety with meditation & holistic living. The program is offered online & at meditation retreats. Find Shawngela on Twitter here
“Helping you discover your own spiritual intuition” Carl Bozeman is the author of “On Being God-Beyond Your Life’s Purpose,” “Are You Listening” & “On Human Being.” Provider of inspiration designed to get YOU out of your mind! Find Carl on Twitter here
When I realized that I am completely responsible for my peace, my life transformed. Taking responsibility has led to my appreciation and recognition of the ever-present peace that is always right here, in this very moment. This site is a collection of musings, which I have dubbed “Return to Aloha,” as well as information about retreats and events. Find Candace on Twitter here


Michael is an ordained Spiritualist minister and founding member of Spirit Source, an organization dedicated to providing spiritual guidance to those on a path of self-discovery. It is a ministry of healing through which I assist my spiritual brothers and sisters on their journey towards oneness with God.
Cari Murphy is a Soul Success Coach, the award winning author of five books, including the bestselling book Create Change Now: Personal Reflections for Personal Transformation, the Host the of the Internationally syndicated, Award Winning “CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL” with 500,000+ listeners, the President and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, and a celebrated dynamic, motivational speaker and interviewer.
I facilitate consciousness and connections with people who choose to create a lived experience of Heaven On Earth. Think of me as a guide, a colleague who is:

  • Supporting you to live, love and lead from your vision and wisdom.
  • Fostering collaborations and connections,
  • Expanding in possibility and our potential as humanity.
Brenda teaches forgiveness through workshops, personal coaching and her One Woman Show: “My Brooklyn Hamlet” See the show’s trailer here Find Brenda on Facebook here

Lucy Diamond, author of ‘The Reiki Project: Peace is Possible’, is a Master of Usui, Dolphin, Kundalini, Templar, and Elemental Reiki. She is an initiate in the Tantric and Gnostic arts and highly practiced and achieved in ancient Egyptian Rites through decades of practice.
She is the founder of Intuitive Life Network .org and its global radio broadcasting platform: Gemjin. She maintains a weekly broadcast on the station discussing techniques and listener experiences on Reiki, OBE, and Astral Projection, the Angelic realms and records. Tune in Mondays at 3pm (EST -5 GMT)