How To Deal With Life’s Challenges

How To Deal With Life’s Challenges

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Bestselling author Daniel Parmeggiani shares spiritual lessons gained from his years of stock trading.

As some of you may already know, my “day job” is trading stocks from my home. This is something I’ve been doing very successfully for 15 years now, ever since I quit a pretty decent 9 to 5 job as a computer systems consultant back in 1998. My motivation was the desire for total freedom – financial freedom, freedom from a boss, freedom to travel as I pleased, freedom to wear my pajamas all day if I wanted to. During the past 15 years I’ve been rewarded with all of the above and much more. I have traded from 15 different countries, from 33 thousand feet in the air, and even from a cruise ship. Everyday is a new challenge and I look forward to Monday mornings. My “commute” is 50 feet with no traffic and I do indeed get to stay in my jammies. One of the rewards, however, was completely unexpected: To my amazement, I found day-trading to be an intense spiritual practice.

When I first ventured into the stock market, I feared that it might lead me astray into a world of greed and materialism. Instead, I found in trading an excellent Zen-like teacher of NOW presence. I quickly realized that to be successful as a trader in the stock market, it is vital to constantly let go of the past. This means accepting and forgetting bad trades as quickly as possible, so that the next trade can be approached with a clear mind, focusing only on the present rather than dwelling on previous mistakes.

This is easier said than done, of course. As any professional trader will tell you, after losing money, there is always an overwhelming desire to “right the wrong” and make back the money as quickly as possible, usually by taking a huge gamble on the very same stock that just kicked your butt. With this impulsive, irrational response, the trader attempts to kill two birds with one stone. He hopes to make back the money and erase the painful loss, while taking revenge on the stock that betrayed him.

Nine times out of ten, following this desperate course of action leads to an even bigger loss. By focusing on reversing the past instead of accepting that it already happened and working with what the new moment brings, the angry, resentful trader ignores present reality and forces an ill-advised, risky trade. Unless this self-destructive pattern is broken, he will go broke before he knows it.

From trading I learned patience, self-control, humility, detachment, NOW presence and self-forgiveness. Trading presents one challenge after another, and it quickly teaches you what approach and attitude works and what doesn’t.

But what’s really interesting is that these lessons apply to anything one might encounter in our lives.

It all boils down to the QUESTIONS WE ASK when something goes wrong. All too often, when something undesirable happens, we react with something like:

Dis-empowering questions/attitudes:

  1. Why is this happening to me?
  2. This can’t be happening!
  3. I don’t deserve this!
  4. What is wrong with me?
  5. How could they do this to me?
  6. What did I do to deserve this!
  7. Why does this always happen to me?
  8. You’ve got to be f’ing kidding me!
  9. I must be cursed!
  10. This shouldn’t be happening!

The best and fastest way to turn your life around is to replace these kind of negative, dis-empowering reactions with a new set of questions and attitudes that will empower you to cope with your current situation to the best of your ability. Consider these instead:

Empowering questions/attitudes:

  1. “What needs to be done right now?”
  2. “How can I turn this into a positive?”
  3. “Which new opportunities are now present?”
  4. “How can I make this better?”

And if nothing can be done,

  1. “What can I learn from this?” And
  2. “How does this serve mine or others people’s greater good?”

The fact of the matter is that if something already is, the only rational and constructive thing to do is to accept and deal with the reality.

In essence, to best deal with life’s challenges, there are 3 rules:

  1. Quit denying or resisting your current reality. It already IS. Acknowledge it and OWN IT.
  2. Work WITH, rather than AGAINST, whatever you encounter on your path.
  3. Perceive everything that happens as a necessary step in your spiritual path, and find the LESSON or OPPORTUNITY that’s being presented.

These rules and attitudes work in the stock market, and they work in our everyday lives. They also represent part of what it means to be a spiritually conscious being: Releasing the past, non-resistance of the present moment, and working with whatever life brings.

Replacing our negative attitudes and beliefs with more positive and uplifting thoughts is a crucial step in our path to real happiness and inner peace. My internationally bestselling book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence, can help you reinterpret your current reality and transform the way you perceive yourself and your world.. Click here to receive great bonus gifts to go along with your purchase.

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Thanks for checking in, and may these truths bring you the perfect happiness, love and inner peace that you so rightfully deserve.

Daniel Parmeggiani
19th August 2014

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  • DANIEL F. Parmeggiani

DANIEL F. Parmeggiani

DANIEL F. Parmeggiani

Daniel Parmeggiani is a modern-day spiritual teacher whose approach is unaligned with any particular religion or tradition. Driven by intense psychological turmoil, Daniel discovered within himself a deeper reality that not only saved his life, it also showed him the way to permanent happiness and inner peace. Daniel believes it is his mission to share these magnificent, healing truths with the world. He lives in Pompano Beach, Florida, with his wife, Susan, and their dog, Chewy. Read More


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