Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution

Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution

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Author Daniel Parmeggiani reflects on the progress that we humans have made in how we treat one another and suggests we are well on the way to ‘heaven on earth’.

During our just concluded vacation in Greece, I read a great book called A Little History of The World, by E.H. Gombrich. Now, I’m not a history buff by any means (my ideal stay in a museum does not exceed 30 minutes!) but for this little book, I had all the time in the world because it explained human history in a way I’d never seen it explained before. Rather than focusing on dates, names and cold facts, it told about what people believed in the past and what was important to them. It explained, in an interesting, accessible way, how we got from the caveman days to where we are today, not just in terms of science and technology, but also how we see ourselves and the world.

I always wanted to find a book like that, which told me, in a nutshell, what I really needed to know about our history on this planet. But more than gaining a mental primer that would help me make sense of ancient Greek ruins, I also saw something else:

We really are evolving, and in many more ways than we think.

Everyone is well aware of the obvious ways in which we’ve evolved – math, science, more sophistication, less body hair… but what’s not so obvious is the answer to the big question:

Are we, as a species, progressing in the things that really matter?

More specifically, are we treating each other better? Are we closer to real tolerance, peace on Earth, true equality and lasting happiness? Are we awakening to who we really are? Are we figuring out why we’re really here? Are we learning to respect our planet and appreciate life in all its forms? In short, are we evolving not just physically and materially, but spiritually as well?

When we look around, it would appear as if we’re more destructive than we’ve ever been. Never before have we polluted the planet to such a degree. Never before have we depleted the oceans and destroyed the life-giving forests to such an extent, driven so many species to extinction, and been so cruel to the animals we raise for consumption. Never before has the world been on the verge of nuclear devastation and perhaps even the end of the human race.

While it is true that we are far more destructive now than we’ve ever been it’s not human nature that’s to blame. The real reason we have become a cancer on this planet is our greatly increased power and control over the physical world. With this great power comes great responsibility, and I believe we’re at a stage where our rapid increase in power is outpacing our ability to handle it.

Still, if we look at human history, we find that rather than getting worse, we are getting better. When we look at today’s Muslim terrorists and their fanatical beliefs that all non-believers of the Koran must be converted or killed, we see them as inhuman. What we fail to realize is that when we look at them, we are also looking at ourselves, because that is how we all were only a few hundred years ago. Not too long ago, we burned witches alive at the stake, and did the same to non-believers of Christianity during the Inquisition. Think of what we did here at home to the American Indians and African slaves. Are we still capable of something like that today, given our improved laws and more evolved respect for the rights of others? Could you imagine what would have happened if Attila the Hun or Napoleon had access to nuclear weapons? I think it actually speaks volumes about humanity’s progress that we haven’t used more such weapons since Hiroshima and Nagasaki and completely self-destructed. Could there possibly be another Holocaust in this day and age, with our increased awareness of the equality of all human races?

Knowledge without wisdom invariably leads to destruction. But our wisdom is slowly expanding, because just as we’ve never been more destructive, we’ve also never been more interested in knowing the truth of who we really are. In time, slowly but surely, we will become aware that we are all truly equal, that we all share the same basic needs and the same deep longing for love and lasting peace and happiness. Increasingly, we will see ourselves as more, much more than these temporary bodies and personalities. We will perceive ourselves as the innocent, eternal, unlimited and unconditionally worthy spiritual beings that we really are. And through this process, we will continue to witness the massive changes that are already taking place. The spiritual sections of our book stores will continue to expand. Practices such as vegetarianism, yoga, holistic medicine, and meditation will keep gaining momentum.  Tolerance and acceptance of new ideas will continue to grow. The pockets of society that abuse and discriminate will continue to shrink.

Galileo almost paid with his life for contradicting the Bible by voicing his opinion that the Earth circled the sun and not the other way around. And yet here I am today writing whatever I please on a public blog without any fear of persecution. Yes, we are progressing, but sometimes, we need to stand back and look at the big picture to actually see the changes that are taking place. It can be hard to spot sometimes and the path is never a straight line. But through the centuries, humanity has steadily awakened and will continue to do so, for it is our destiny to eventually figure this whole thing out and match our great knowledge and power with great wisdom. Then, and only then, will the “Golden Age” come about, and we will finally find the Heaven on Earth we all long for.

Becoming more aware of our collective spiritual journey is an important step towards perceiving the world in a more uplifting manner. My internationally bestselling book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence, can help you discover how everything that ever happens is a step in the right direction, not just for humanity as a whole, but for each and every one of us. Click here to receive great bonus gifts to go along with your purchase.

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Thanks for checking in, and may these truths bring you the perfect happiness, love and inner peace that you so rightfully deserve.

Daniel Parmeggiani
14th July 2014

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  • DANIEL F. Parmeggiani

DANIEL F. Parmeggiani

DANIEL F. Parmeggiani

Daniel Parmeggiani is a modern-day spiritual teacher whose approach is unaligned with any particular religion or tradition. Driven by intense psychological turmoil, Daniel discovered within himself a deeper reality that not only saved his life, it also showed him the way to permanent happiness and inner peace. Daniel believes it is his mission to share these magnificent, healing truths with the world. He lives in Pompano Beach, Florida, with his wife, Susan, and their dog, Chewy. Read More


2 thoughts on “Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution”

  • Great post, Daniel. I am going to check out the book by Gombrich. I agree with you about our evolution’s direction….our over all direction is positive in spite of what the media presents us each day. This is a point well made in Stephen Pinker’s recent book “The Better Angels of Our Nature” which pointed to so many trends on how humanity’s violence towards itself is declining. I would also point out that I appreciate the recent multi-disciplinary work of David Christian and his concept of “Big History” to help understand the overall flow of our history….something to look into.

    I also love your question to consider–are we progressing towards the things that matter? I believe that we are at a choice point where we can all play a role in our conscious positive evolution, but to move in that direction one of the things we have to consider are the characteristics of that positive future and then use our personal sphere of influence to move in that direction. This was one of the topics in my 2012 book, Be Yourself: Evolving the World Through Personal Empowerment.

    Keep up the good work and blessings to you!

    Mark Gilbert

    1. Hi Mark and thanks for sharing. Yes, violence declining and more and more people, like yourself, are writing and teaching about becoming more conscious of our actions. All good things that clearly show we are headed in the right direction! -Daniel

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